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  • Product Name: V-16B3-C
    Product Model: V-16B3-C
    Product Number: V-16B3-C


    Micro Switch

    Snap Switch Characteristic:

    (1)A variety of levers

    (2)Long life, high reliability

    (3)A variety of contact terminals

    (4)Adopt thermosetting plastic or thermoplastic

    (5)A variety of models with low operating force to high operating force are available.

    (6)Nice appearance, tight configuration, small contact clearance, quick action, high sensitivity and small operating travel.

    Smart Electric Switch Application:

    Widely used in home appliance, electronic equipment, automatic machine, communication equipment, car electron, apparatus and instrument, electric mition tool etc.


Technical parameters

  • Specification



    Operating Speed

    0.1mm~1m/s(Related with actuator forms)

    Operating Frequency

    Mechanical 60 cycles/min;Electrical 30 cycles/min

    Insulation Resistance

    100 MΩ (500VDC)

    Contact resistance

    <=30mΩ(Initial value)



    Test Voltage

    Between terminals of the same polarirty


    Between current-carrying metal

    And ground(case),and between

    Each terminal and non-carrying

    metal parts



    Vibration resistance

    10-55Hz,1.5mm Double amplitude


    Shork Resistance

    Destruction : OF>0.5N:1000m/s ²(approx.100G)max

               OF<=0.5N:500m/s ²(approx.50G)max

    Malfunction: OF>0.5N:300m/s ²(approx.30G)max

               OF<=0.5N:200m/s ²(approx.20G)max

    Life Expectancy

    Mechnical>=5000000 cycles

    Electrical>=50000 cycles

    Degree of protection

    IEC IP40

    Degree of protection against electric shock

    Class I

    PTI (Tracking Resistance)


    Ambient air temperature

    125℃ 60%RH below(No ice and dew)

    Ambient air humidity

    85% Rhbelow(about +5~+35℃)


    Approx.5.95g(No lever)

    Notes:Shows the operating force of no lever

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