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  • Product Name: HFE37
    Product Model: HFE37
    Product Number: HFE37

    Double-contacts Latching Relay
    100A Latching Relay

    1.100A switching capability
    2.According to IEC 62055-31:UC1、UC2、UC3 
    3. AC-voltage driving is feasible
    4.4kV dielectric strength (between coil and contacts)
    5.Environmental friendly product (RoHS compliant)

    Latching Relay for Meter Main Application:
    (1)Lamp Controller
    (2)Home Automation
    (3)Combination switch
    (4) Automatic control device/assembly
    (5)Prepayment energy Meter and AMR system etc.


Technical parameters


    Product Information
    Contact arrangement 2SH,2SD
    Contact resistance Typ.:0.35mΩ(at 100A)                
    Contact material AgSnO2
    Contact rating(Res.load) 100A 277VAC/28VDC
    Max.switching Voltage 440 VAC
    Max.switching Current 120A 
    Max.switching power 27700VA/2800W
    Mechanical endurance 100000 OPS
    Insulation resistance 1000mΩ(at 500 VDC)
    Dielectric Strength Between coil & contacts   4000 VAC 1min
    Between open contacts   2500 VAC 1min
    Creepage distance 9.6mm
    Operate time(at nomi.volt.) 20ms max.
    Release time(at nomi.volt.) 20ms max.
    Vibration resistance   10Hz to 55Hz 1.5mm DA
    Shock resistance Functional 294m/s2
    Destructive 980m/s2
    Humidity 5% to 85% RH
    Ambient temperature under 40 ℃ to 85℃
    Termination QC
    Unit Weight Approx.180g
    Construction Dust proofed
    Coil Power 1 coil latching 4 W
    2 coils latching 8 W


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